Paweł Frelik: a mental coach

Since 2013 he has conducted over 11.000 mental training sessions.

In his capacity as a mental coach and staff member, he has been cooperating with the national football team, Polish top, second and third division clubs as well as those from the Handball Superliga.

Successes as a mental coach-staff member:

He has been cooperating with players from Western European leagues:

From 2016 to 2020 he has conducted over 400 mental training sessions in English with players from such countries as:

In response to a high demand for Paweł Frelik’s mental training and a very strong conviction as to the effectiveness of his methods, he also conducts private individual mental training sessions for athletes and coaches.
He is married and highly involved in the upbringing of his three sons: Mateusz, Ksawery and Kajetan.

A mental coach who works with the best
He regularly lectures at the PZPN Coaching School on UEFA PRO courses (the highest coaching certification) and at international conferences devoted to football. He has conducted motivational speeches for the audiences of 1200, 800 and 400 people. He authored the content of 10 sports audiobooks and co-authored such audiobooks as „Motywacja przed meczem” (“Motivation before a match”) „Artur Boruc radzi” (“Artur Boruc is advising”), „Co masz w głowie to masz w mięśniach” (“What you have in your head, you have in your muscles”). He makes appearances in the media: Canal+, Polsat News, TVN and TVN24, TVP Sport, Eurosport, Przegląd Sportowy and Wirtualna Polska.