I encourage you to get acquainted with my offer

Individual mental training with young footballers

Despite limited availability, I invite the parents of footballers 14 years old and older as well as the players themselves to contact me. I am currently accepting bookings for the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2022.

Comprehensive services for clubs (1st team, whole season)

For the past 8 seasons I have been regularly working as a member of staff in top, first and second league clubs.
The cooperation may include the following:
individual and group training sessions for athletes and staff member
training and match observation
classes for football academy coaches, regular presence on summer and winter camps

Motivational speeches

For sport and business, conducted with charisma and tailored for the given situation.

I perform alone or in a team of two or three. My experience is speaking to groups of between 100 and 2000 listeners. I like performing at the end of the conference since I know that my energy and interaction with the tired participants is highly valued. IT IS POSSIBLE TO INVITE ACCOMPLISHED ATHLETES SUCH AS SŁAWOMIR SZMAL AND PIOTR GRUSZKA.

Individual training for senior players

If you are playing abroad, in the Ekstraklasa or the Polish first division, I invite you to a telephone call during which we will discuss details. If it is your priority, our cooperation may remain anonymous.


So far the following outlets have used my statements as a mental training specialist: Canal plus, Polsat Sport, TVP Sport, Eurosport, Polsat News, TVN, TVN24, Przegląd sportowy, Sportowe Fakty, SkySports. I invite you to contact me.

Mental training for coaches

During my work with coaches from international to second-tier level I have sat on the bench in over 200 matches and participated in over 220 various coaches’ briefings. These experiences, among other things, make my know-how very useful for coaches in their personal development and when they need support in difficult situations. Some example topics are: communication within the team and with the team, speaking to the team before, during and after the match, efficient building of informal authority, conducting individual talks.


If you are organizing a national or international course-conference, I invite you to take advantage of my competence and charisma.

Support for the parents of teenage footballers

In the photo with my oldest, almost 18-year-old son, Mateusz.
Sessions for teenage footballers and their parents. There is a possibility of training observation and consultations with a young footballer’s sporting coach.
Owing to the limited availability of young players, all meetings apart from the first one are conducted online. I invite you to a telephone call during which I will give you “step by step” instructions about what should be done. Warning! One “side effect” of mental work with me may be the improvement in the relationship between the child and the parents as well as schoolwork.

Live open trainings for parents

In the photo with my 8-year-old son Ksawery and my 6-year-old son Kajetan.

In the first half of 2022 I will be conducting comprehensive and practical training for parents in Central Poland. More details soon.