Vladan Kovacevic

Raków Częstochowa

They say the mind gives orders and the body carries them out.
In the space of a few sessions we greatly improved my concentration level, I’m more relaxed and as a result fully devoted to certain changes.
At the beginning the coach brought to life something inside me that I didn’t like at the time, but eventually proved useful in achieving progress and success.

Kamil Grosicki

Pogoń Szczecin

„The head is extremely significant. Your form depends on whether anything is bothering you. When I was back from international duty I was heavily criticized in three

Tomáš Petrášek

Raków Częstochowa

“I recommend Paweł to anyone who wants to develop mentally on the highest level. He is a great professional and expert with a lot of experience. Personally, I’m grateful for the journey we’ve been on since the 2. Liga.”

Patryk Kun

Raków Częstochowa

Before working with Paweł Frelik I believed I didn’t need a mental coach. However, since the beginning of our cooperation I began to notice how much untapped potential I had and how much could be improved about my mentality. He’s fully prepared for every session and always finds the subject or area in which I can improve. Most importantly, the effects are visible on the pitch.

Damian Kądzior

Piast Gliwice

„Mateusz Wieteska referred me to coach Frelik. I expected concrete things from him and that’s what I got in the first session. Things began to improve and I started getting better numbers in terms of minutes on the pitch, participation in play, attempts, assists and goals.”

Igor Sapała

Raków Częstochowa

Everyone knows that the head or mentality, to be exact, plays a vital role in football. I believe that Coach Paweł Frelik is a very important person for my career so far, both as a professional, since his knowledge is definitely at a high level, and a friend you can always count on.

Andrzej Niewulis

Raków Częstochowa

I was surprised at how fast he got through to me and by the fact that he already had 2-3 spot-on answers for each question mark I had in my head. It would take me a week to get over a difficult situation on the pitch on my own, whereas a conversation with coach Frelik sorted it out in half an hour.

Marcin Cebula

Raków Częstochowa

After the first three sessions I already knew that this time I wanted to lower my guard and free my mind. I realised that it is a good idea to cooperate with Coach Frelik. I’ve noticed that the areas we’ve been working on help me on the pitch. Thanks to our conversations I regularly raise my awareness.

Vladislavs Gutkovskis

Raków Częstochowa

I believe every footballer has a concrete goal and wants to achieve a lot. There are surely many different obstacles along the way and not everything works the first time. I need people to help me and develop me. Mental Coach Paweł Frelik is somebody who shows me the right direction I should be heading when it comes to the striker’s mentality.

Mateusz Wieteska

Legia Warszawa

„Coach Frelik knows how to get through to me and use concrete methods to fully develop my potential.”

Ben Lederman

Raków Częstochowa

The modern game of football consists of many important aspects. And one of the most important ones is the mental aspect. I’ve been working with Pawel since my arrival in Rakow and really he has helped me a lot.

Tomasz Loska

Bruk-Bet Termalica

„After the sessions with coach Frelik I became more self-confident and increased my self-worth.
I began to control my emotions on the goalline better.

Sebastian Musiolik

Raków Częstochowa

I had the pleasure to meet Coach Paweł Frelik as early as 2014 and from the very start he turned out to be a top specialist in the incredibly important and demanding area of mental training. The head is the most important in any field and its development is an absolute must. I’ve done a great deal of sessions and can freely admit that thanks to the coach I have developed mentally a lot.

Filip Starzyński

Zagłębie Lubin

„Session by session my awareness grew which allowed me to work on my habits more effectively.”

Zoran Arsenić

Raków Częstochowa

I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about mental sessions before coming to Rakow, but here when i started my sessions with Pawel, day by day I started feeling better, more motivated and I gained confidence. Now I realized how much it is important to work on mental health.

Dominik Furman

Wisła Płock

Dominik Furman

„Football skills are one thing but overcoming obstacles and everyday struggle another. You can blindly navigate through it on your own or you can do it with Paweł.”

Giannis Papanikolaou

Raków Częstochowa

It’s nice to have someone professional like Mental Trainer Pawel Frelik to work with. Football starts from the head and you need the best guidance and calmness to show your maximal effort on the pitch. This is something that you can achieve working with the mental coach.

Kacper Trelowski

Raków Częstochowa

I believe that mental training is absolutely essential for a young player. The sessions with coach Frelik allowed me to raise my self-worth and build self esteem on and off the pitch.

Patryk Lipski

Piast Gliwice

„Since the early days I have been working on physical and technical aspects of football but today I know that this is absolutely not enough.

Igor Łasicki

Pogoń Szczecin

„I worked on my mentality with Paweł in the Serie A, Serie B and Serie A and now I’m working on it in the Ekstraklasa. This guy infects you with belief, positive energy and knowledge. I have replaced a lot of bad, inefficient ways of thinking with effective, optimal thinking on the pitch as well as during training. ”

Mikołaj Kwietniewski

Skra Częstochowa

„Coach Frelik is really good at building self-esteem, super convincing and motivating to work on oneself.”

Adam Frączczak

Korona Kielce

„I’ll be brief – specialist help, incredible inspiration on every level on and off the pitch.”

Przemysław Mystkowski

Jagiellonia Białystok

Thanks to Coach Frelik I managed to regain my belief in myself. In each training I realise that the head is one of key elements in football.

Błażej Augustyn

Jagiellonia Białystok

„Mental training devoted to football and particular training and match scenarios. Working with Paweł is fundamentally different from meeting a regular psychologist. Each session brings very beneficial support and valuable addition to football training.”

Seweryn Kiełpin

Motor Lublin

„Life of a footballer is filled with critical moments and Paweł Frelik can quickly help find the solution one might find it difficult to come up with on his own. Concrete thinking strategies we work on are very helpful on the pitch.”

Rafał Figiel

GKS Katowice

„This guy has enormous knowledge in his field and an even bigger heart. I really value him for the kind of a man and mental coach he is, because he’s very professional. As time goes by I realize that starting to work with Paweł was a great decision.”

Emil Drozdowicz

Wisła Puławy

„It’s definitely easier to work out the optimal way of thinking in a given situation with Paweł than fight your own thoughts.”

Krzysztof Wołkowicz

GKS Tychy

I met coach Frelik when I thought my form was good and I didn’t need such sessions. However, even after the first meeting my head was opened anew and I started to expect more from myself. Coach Paweł helped me make it happen. Each following meeting developed me as a person and a footballer.

Przemysław Banaszak

Górnik Łęczna

During our work the coach was able to get through to my head. I liked the materials he had at his disposal during our sessions. In order to achieve our goals we need the right mindset and Coach Frelik has the right tools for it.

Patryk Prange

Warta Poznań

I never thought that so much can depend on the psyche in the world of sports. Owing to the sessions not only did I manage to understand that but also climb to a higher level.

Patryk Czarnowski

Bruk-Bet Termalica Nieczecza

Even Coach Frelik’s body language and attitude is infectious. Thanks to this mental training I learned that you can always do something better, stronger and more of.

Filip Kozłowski

GKS Katowice

Initially I was very sceptical about the cooperation but after the first meeting I knew that was it. The Coach has an incredible approach to a player and his position on the pitch. The words which the coach repeated in training often resonated in my head during the match and were very useful. I recommend it to everybody!!