Tomáš Petrášek

Czechia international

I recommend Paweł to anyone who wants to develop mentally on the highest level. He is a great professional and expert with a lot of experience. Personally, I’m grateful for the journey we’ve been on since the 2. Liga.”

David Tijanić

Slovenia international

At the beginning I didn’t believe in mental training with an expert because I was convinced of my own self-sufficiency. I was surprised at how quickly Coach Frelik got through to me and I began to understand why he is so highly valued in his profession.

Giannis Papanikolaou

Greece international

It’s nice to have someone professional like Mental Trainer Pawel Frelik to work with. Football starts from the head and you need the best guidance and calmness to show your maximal effort on the pitch. This is something that you can achieve working with the mental coach.

Vladislavs Gutkovskis

Latvia international

I believe every footballer has a concrete goal and wants to achieve a lot. There are surely many different obstacles along the way and not everything works the first time. I need people to help me and develop me. Mental Coach Paweł Frelik is somebody who shows me the right direction I should be heading when it comes to the striker’s mentality.

Jose Kante

Guinea international

„I feel power and more confidence every time I train with Pawel. He knows very well what to say every week when we speak. Some people don’t like to receive help from others, but in my opinion, professional football players (all professional sports people in general) have to work on their psyche often,

Giorgi Merebaszwili

Georgia international

„I’m mentally strong but a few conversations with Paweł increased my awareness and quality of thinking.”

Felicio Brown Forbes

Costa Rica international