Damian Szymański

„Conscious work on mentality is essential and using Paweł’s Frelik method brings effects.”

Paweł Dawidowicz

“Working with Paweł Frelik guarantees overcoming difficulties much faster than on your own and in football time is of the essence.”

Karol Linetty

“With a single meeting Paweł Frelik is capable of simplifying a lot in the way of thinking throughout the whole 90 minutes of the match. I was surprised that conscious thinking can be so helpful in football.”

Kamil Grosicki

„The head is extremely significant. Your form depends on whether anything is bothering you. When I was back from international duty I was heavily criticized in three consecutive Hull matches.

Damian Kądzior

„Mateusz Wieteska referred me to coach Frelik. I expected concrete things from him and that’s what I got in the first session. Things began to improve and I started getting better numbers in terms of minutes on the pitch, participation in play, attempts, assists and goals.”

Arkadiusz Reca

„I’m young but time flies and I’m happy that at such an early age I can increase my quality and develop through conversations and exercises with Paweł Frelik. It really works.”

Rafał Gikiewicz

„Concrete mechanisms, strong examples, anecdotes, metaphors – these and other things convinced me throughout my cooperation with Paweł that a few elements of my thinking strategy were good but there were some elements to be added in order to increase my efficiency and accomplish high goals.”

Przemysław Frankowski

„I know Paweł Frelik is somebody with whom you can realize the biggest sporting dreams. It is worth trusting him completely. You can achieve a lot with his methods.”

Thiago Cionek

„Increased inner peace, increased focus quality, more efficient marking – these are just a few of the many benefits of our cooperation.”

Marcin Kamiński

„Mental training remained a great mystery to me. I decided to give it a try because the players working with Paweł Frelik recommended him. Internally I feel a definite progress which often translates into concrete benefits during the match.”

Jarosław Jach

Paweł Frelik is a mental coach who approaches everyone individually. The methods proved effective and allowed me to raise my focus and composure on the pitch to a new level.

Konrad Michalak

„Through the use of mental training methods you can put aside all the nagging problems the moment you step onto the pitch and substantially increase your efficiency.”

Mateusz Wieteska

„Coach Frelik knows how to get through to me and use concrete methods to fully develop my potential.”

Tomasz Loska

„After the sessions with coach Frelik I became more self-confident and increased my self-worth.

Mariusz Stępiński

„I find Paweł Frelik’s methods super convenient and they totally get through to me. But most importantly, they increase my quality as a footballer because I use my potential to a greater degree.”

Dawid Kownacki

„I’m young but time flies and I’m happy that at such an early age I can increase my quality and develop through conversations and exercises with Paweł Frelik. It really works.

Maciej Wilusz

„A professional, efficient mental coach, familiar with the specificity of football. His sessions help behave more consciously and efficiently.”

Mikołaj Kwietniewski

„Coach Frelik is really good at awakening self-belief, super-convincing and motivating to work on oneself.”

Dominik Furman

„Football skills are one thing but overcoming obstacles and everyday struggle another. You can blindly navigate through it on your own or you can do it with Paweł.”

Jakub Łabojko

„Three years ago I didn’t know the concept of mental training. Thanks to individual sessions with Coach Paweł Frelik I began to understand how important the mental sphere is in football and what potential lay in me.”

Filip Starzyński

„Session by session my awareness grew which allowed me to work on my habits more effectively.”

Patryk Lipski

„Since the early days I have been working on physical and technical aspects of football but today I know that this is absolutely not enough.

Igor Łasicki

„I worked on my mentality with Paweł in the Serie A, Serie B and Serie A and now I’m working on it in the Ekstraklasa. This guy infects you with belief, positive energy and knowledge. I have replaced a lot of bad, inefficient ways of thinking with effective, optimal thinking on the pitch as well as during training. ”