Adam Nawałka

Poland National Team Manager 2013 -2018

„Paweł Frelik is above all a mental coach with a wonderful attitude, very good energy and his methods are practical and efficient. It’s worth getting inspired by him.”

Marek Papszun

Raków Częstochowa Manager

„Paweł Frelik is a top level expert in a difficult area devoted to the mental sphere. His knowledge, attitude and methods result in high efficiency.”

Marcin Lijewski

Handball World Championship Runner-up / Górnik Zabrze Head Coach

Before I met Paweł Frelik I thought I knew a lot about teamwork, leading the team, self-organization and self-discipline… where in fact he opened my eyes to a lot of things. Which is what made a better coach and person.

Bogdan Zając

Polish National Team Assistant Manager

„I subscribe to the rule that I only recommend the services I have tested myself. I believe Paweł Frelik’s methodology is useful, practical and effective. Such an approach to mental training is a great perspective for managers and their subordinates who are ambitious about their future in sport.”

Tomasz Kafarski

I Trener Chojniczanka Chojnice

rom the very beginning, the first time we got in touch, he found common ground with me and the team.
Well-known slogans, cool presentation, an adequate choice of examples to support the ends made mental training something more than meeting a psychologist. I wish footballers would use the services of such an expert as Paweł Frelik with more conviction.

Marcin Kaczmarek

Wisła Płock Manager 2012-2017

Mental Training is an important part of contemporary football. My cooperation with Paweł Frelik allowed me to take a broader look at the team’s needs. Our conversations were always inspiring. He was a vital part of my staff. We celebrated a promotion to the Ekstraklasa together.

Jarosław Tkocz

Poland National Team Goalkeeping Coach 2013-2018

The mental sphere is an important element in coaching goalkeepers. Paweł is very good at diagnosing players’ needs as well as working with the staff. It’s no secret that our collaboration has been going smoothly for years.

Rafał Górak

GKS Katowice Manager

“I only asked Paweł for a consultation when I was managing a 3rd tier team. We spoke for 10 minutes and even though he didn’t know me, he said “I’m coming to you tomorrow.” He made a big impression on me when he came prepared and treated us as if we were playing in the top division or for the national team.
For me he’s simply an expert in what he does.’

Radosław Mroczkowski

Resovia Rzeszów Manager

Paweł Frelik is a mental coach who knows how to convey knowledge in a non-standard and efficient way. He’s a wonderful observer and an expert in his area. I always recommend him!