Michał Świerczewski

Raków Częstochowa Owner

„Paweł Frelik is a mental coach who knows how to meet the demands of the coaching staff. His methodology and way of communicating are suitable for the realities of football,

Jacek Kruszewski

Wisła Płock Chairman 2012-2020

I definitely recommend Mr Paweł Frelika as an athletes’ mental coach.
Mr Paweł Frelik collaborated with our club from July 2015 to June 2018.

Paweł Tomczyk

Dyrektor sportowy Rakowa Częstochowa 2019-2021

Mental training conducted by Paweł Frelik is very useful for the players of all ages. I recommend him to any professional as much as gym classes, personalized fitness training or dietary supplements.

Łukasz Masłowski

Wisła Płock Sporting Director

„While working as a sporting director at Olimpia Grudziądz (2015/2016 season) as well as currently at Wisła Płock (2016/2017 and 2017/2018) I fully realized how vital mental coach Paweł Frelik’s work has been for the team in meeting the very demanding objectives. His expertise and experience were helpful in what we managed to achieve.”

Jacek Paszulewicz

Jaguar Gdańsk Academy Co-owner

„Top level mental training expert. He opens the minds of both players and coaches. He inspires them to work on themselves and his methods increase the chances for success (not only in sport). I recommend him.”

Artur Kapelko

Sandecja Nowy Sącz Chairman 2019-2020

I met Coach Paweł Frelik at Sandecja Nowy Sącz thanks to Coach Kafarski. I found out personally that he is an absolute expert in his area. I’d even say – a “minesweeper”: he has managed to disarm a ticking bomb on more than one occasion.

Damian Wleklak

Wybrzeże Gdańsk Sporting Director

When you’re managing a team you always meet different personalities. Bringing them together and setting one direction towards a common goal is a very difficult thing to achieve. It’s good to have someone who’s experienced at the different levels of management or confidence building and will support you in your efforts. Paweł, Thank You!